Honda Replacement Oil Seals
We carry a large inventory of oil seals
The following are the most common ones
Replaces OEM #
Oil Seal
Honda 91201-889-003
Fits Honda GXV240 and GX300
series engines
30mm x 45mm x 8mm
HONDA OIL SEAL 91201-889-003 / 49-206
Honda 91201-890-003
Fits Honda GX240 series engines
30mm x 46mm x 8mm
HONDA OIL SEAL 91201-890-003 / 49-193
Honda 91201-ZE3-004
Fits Honda GX340 series engines
35mm x 52mm x 8mm
HONDA OIL SEAL 91201-ZE3-004 / 49-207
Honda 91201-883-005
Fits Honda GX160 series engines
25mm x 41mm x 6mm
HONDA OIL SEAL 91202-883-005 / 49-208
Honda 91202-ZE6-003
Honda 91202-ZE6-013
Fits Honda GXV120 series engines
22mm x 35mm x 6mm
HONDA OIL SEAL 91202-ZE6-003 / 49-195
Honda 91201-ZG9-U71
Fits Honda GXV120 and GXV160
series engines
24mm x 38mm x 7mm
HONDA OIL SEAL 91252-888-003 / 49-194
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